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The system more effective and efficient to purchase the goods to Buyer quickly and with a considerable degree of security, is to entrust this task to a courier.

SIIOS srl entrusts its prestige objects to Couriers with consolidated experience and offering the best guarantees for reliability and security.
This entails a burden that is charged to Buyer in addition to the cost of the purchased object as "shipping".
Shipping costs include packing, fowarding and handling and are to be borne by the buyer. These costs are fixed with regard to the shipment, but depend on the place of delivery and the "weight" and "measure" of the parcel.
In particular, have different guaranteed delivery times depending on the place of delivery.
As regards the place of delivery distinction is made between Italy, European Community (EU), non-EU Europe and other countries. In practice are applied different "postage" depending on the geographic location where the purchaser resides and on the basis of "size" of the purchased object.

SIIOS srl performed clearly and unequivocally the cost of postage in the report of the "shopping cart", before the purchaser confirming the transaction. For more information about the purchaser may require the prospectus of the tariffs applied on the "contacts" section.

Shipping in Italy
The cost of shipping starts from EUR 9,00 (average delivery 2-3 business days) for up to 2 Kg.
The products will be shipped via courier SDA Express. For objects of greater size where it is not possible to apply the Recommended shipping, appropriate rates will apply, however, clearly expressed in the cart summary.

Shipping to EU countries.
The cost of shipping outside of the country towards the EU starts from Euro 20,00 (delivery 3-6 business days) for up to 2 kg. For objects of greater size appropriate rates will apply, however, clearly expressed in the cart summary.
Extra Europe Continents forwarding
Appropriate rates will apply, however, clearly expressed in the cart summary.

Tracking shipments
Once it has started shipping, the buyer will be able to monitor the status of the shipment tracking directly on the site of the Courier using code that lorologio snc will communicate via email after the receipt of the order.

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